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First build ivy bridge options please

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Hi all

I am building my first hackintosh in a Mac pro case 2009 model I think.

Here is a pic http://homepage.mac.com/josedm/Sites/iSale/Pictures/1331494729_4.jpg

I also have a g5 case but I like the Mac pro case better and it's in mint condition.

Here are the parts I am looking to use any suggestions are welcomed.


Case: 2009 Mac Pro

Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Gene Z77

CPU: Intel i7 3770K

Graphics card: XFX 6870 2GB

RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 1600 PC3 12800 16GB

SSD: Crucial M4 512GB

PSU: modular - brand not decided yet


My Mac pro case came with the 120mm fans and the original 980w apple psu.

Can I get a modular psu and fit it inside the stock apple psu housing?

I was thinking of getting a fanless Seasonic 460w psu to use the stock apple psu fan.


I will be using 3 Dell U2412m displays. Will the XFX card work fine to support them?

The Dell has one dvi, VGA, and display port inputs.

Are there any guides to get the front panel working on this case? It has dual 800FW and dual USB. It has one IDE like port on the front panel.

Like this http://db.tt/Cniqx32f

Any suggestions or guides on cutting this specific case?

I won't be adding wifi unless it's required. I will try and get a apple bluetooth module.

I just want to make these parts will work well with minimal tweaks to get it working.

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