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Install iATKOS L2 on Dell Vostro Series


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Hello Guys,

First of all I want to say thanks to all the developers out there and members of this forum, they are really helpful. I just completed the Quiz and I was curious to Share How to Install iATKOS L2 on Dell Vostro Series. It works well on most of them, and I tried it on Dell Vostro 1550 and 1500, leaving Wi-Fi Everything is working. Follow the steps :

  • Download iATKOS L2 and write it on DVD.
  • Boot from the DVD, first without using any boot flags or parameters. If it does'nt boot then try GraphicsEnabler=No or Yes. But it should boot without any bootflags.
  • Go as the Installation says, if you want fresh installation, then Erase the HDD and make it GUID with desired number of Partitions (Mac OS X Journeled - Extended) and select any one of them in which you want to install Lion.
  • In Customize, Check What I am saying and no other thing. Check the Chimera Bootloader and uncheck the Chameleon Boot Loader, Check Graphics Enabler, Check PS/2 under Hardware Sensors, Check Laptop Battery, you can check Voodoo HDA v2.7.3 for Audio, and Realtek RTL8111 under Wired Section for Ethernet. Thats all. Install and Enjoy. If anything is not working, I have the most compatible kexts for Dell Vostro series, unfortunnately, there is no kext for making BCM4313 WLL work.

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There supposedly is a kext for the BCM57788 Ethernet: http://cl.ly/8WBg

VoodooHDA.kext should work for your Audio but if you have Windows installed, can get a better idea.

There is no Mac OS X support for HD 2000 Graphics. None. All you can do is remove the Intel drivers and work in VESA mode.

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Dude can you tell me if the kexts will work for my dell vostro 460, Specs:


i5 2400


Intel HD 2000 Graphics

Dell 0Y2MRG Motherboard

RealTek HD Audio

Broadcom BCM57788 Network


You have Intel HD 2000, The Graphics kext included in the ZIP is for Intel HD 3000, but you can try it. Audio will work properly, and so the Ethernet.

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Hi there!


I am using this same dvd for my dell vostro 1500, however I keep getting hangs at any given place:


- During boot (after entering boot flags)

- During Disk Utility

- Sometimes I am lucky to go past Disk Utility (after formatting my HDD and all) - and also go past Customize.

But then during install it just freezes - most of the time during extracting the Base package. The time remaining shows > 8 minutes always when I get this freeze.


i) I have used iatkos L2 dvd compressed dmg image, I tried expanded dmg image, even img image - but result doesn't differ much.

ii) Already tried GraphicEnabler=No


I really can't get what's the issue - anyone please help whai's wrong, appreciate your time reading this.





(Intel Core 2 Duo T5270, Intel Graphic 965 chipset)

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