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DSDT patch script for ASUS 1155 mobo's new 3k BIOS


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ASUS's new BIOS 3xxx update is out. Once you update your BIOS you can't revert or downgrade 3k to 2k.


I have ASUS P8P67 rev3.0 and had been in peace with 2303 BIOS. Updated to 3207, the patch script in olarila.com doesn't work anymore.


I found generic dsdt patch script for my mobo. One is in Olarila.com and the other is in tonymac. Here goes the links.


ASUS P8 generic BIOS 3k - http://olarila.com/P...BIOS%203xxx.txt

Brycv's - link deleted.


I'm still looking for ASUS P8P67(BIOS 3207) specific DSDT patch script. Any help will be appreciated.



ps/ I dunno what the problem has been between. I don't want to be rude and follow the convention anyway.

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