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iATKOS S3 USB only on 1.1

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Just installed the S3 from iATKOS, now i noticed that the USB is only running on 12mbit so on USB 1.1. I did not update the system because it's running fine and i can do everything whit iit that i want to. So it's stil running 10.6.3. Only problem i noticed is the slow USB device.


I thought it's a problem whit the buildin USB on the mainboard, so i installed an PCI card whit a VIA chip on it. This card is working fine in a Real PowerMac G4. But in this system it's also running on 1.1 only, not on USB 2.0.


So is there an patch to enable USB 2.0? I could not find any sutible information about this problem.


Mainboard is an Asus P5DL2/1333

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