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2009 Mac mini to Mac mini Server Conversion

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Here is my early 2009 Mac mini 2.0GHz that I just converted to a "server" model. All that means really is that it now has no optical drive and two hard drives. I just used a laptop optical bay to 2.5" converter that I got on ebay for about $16. The two drives are Hitachi 750Gb 2.5" 7200rpm drives. I have set them up in a mirrored RAID with a 128k bit size or whatever. This computer is my HTPC and Plex server. I had to massage the cheap drive converter a little to get the holes to line up but I eventually got it. I used to have all my video files loaded on my Time Capsule but since now I'm sharing my library with friends I wanted to get some faster read speeds for transcoding and whatnot. I had to break off a little piece of the drive converter to avoid the IR Receiver.





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