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Any distro working on Olidata Stainer W2800?


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Hello again, this is my second post :)


I'm also trying to get working a distro on this pc: Olidata Stainer W2800, which has AMD Turion 64, Ati radeon 200M and 1GB ram.


Already tried Hazard 10.6.1/10.6.2, iAtkos v7 and Kalyway 10.5.2, getting always Kernel panic or "Waiting for boot device" even if I type rd=disk0... sometimes it recognizes my HDD, sometimes not, and it gets me to the kernel panic, so I can't even start the installation :(

By the way, I've already tried with EVERY possible combination of flags, such as -v -x cpus=1 platform=ACPI|x86pc etc etc...


On BIOS I can't change many settings.. I can only disable some options, and change the boot order.


I know the PC is quite old, and if you suggest me to install an older version, or a different distro, I'd be happy to follow your instructions :)


Thanks again :)

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