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Compatibility - Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2

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Hello. I'm the biggest noob in hackingtosh matters. I have one question. Is there any distribution that would work with these parts?


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2

Video: Gainward GeForce GTS 450 1GB DDR5 128-bit

Processor: Intel Core i3 540

HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB

4GB Ram A-Data

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I don't know if you already tried to install OS X but probably you won't have problem with the mother board more than audio rollback that you will have to do since it didn't work when you update SL to 10.6.8 or even Lion. I guess the Video card will works well, since I used to have one and it works well for me.

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So what distribution should I use? Can you send a PM with a download link for the distro and all drivers I should install? It sounds very lazy, but I don't want to take a chance and experiment with different driver and firmware versions.

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    • By yaoqb
      i have strange glitch problem on my fresh 10.13.2 install
      the glitch trigered randomly
      it may start from subtitle video from firefox or some transparent panel from a program like clover configurator
      then the whole desktop will have the graphic glitch every program will be affected
      the glitch may clear when toggle the program window zoom in and out but will be likely popup again until restart the system
      the glitch can even be captured by the system's own screenshot short cut
      the following method i try didnt work
      nvidia webdriver latest lilu with NvidiaGraphicsFixup different powermanagement setting

    • By LuCyr04
      Hi guys, I have a weird problem using an Xeon E5450(775 modded) with nvidia card(8600gt & Quadro 580 FX same problem).
      First I want to say that in windows I don't have any problem, so it's not something about compatibility.
      When I try to boot in macOS with this cpu and nvidia video card I get only a glitch displayed(see attachments), the computer isn't froze, I can access it with ssh or file sharing, only no image.
      If I boot with nv_disable=1 flag I get image(no acceleration of course) and everything's fine.
      I tried the cpu on 2 different boards and 2 different nvidia cards and the problem is the same.
      With amd video card I don't have this problem.
      What I tried and failed:
      Deleting injection from dsdt and injecting or not injecting with clover.
      Using nvidia web drivers.
      Changing CPU settings from bios, like virtualisation, speedstep etc.
      Different macos versions(10.11, 10.12, 10.13)
      The hack I want to use with this CPU is the Desktop from signature, I can provide dsdt or entire efi if it's needed but I don't think it matters since I have the same problem with 2 different boards and 2 different nvidia cards.

    • By Ron Lemmens
      Since I've installed a new GTX 1050ti I'm experiencing strange graphic glitches, e.g. some parts of application screens get scrambled (graphic noise), see attached example where the same page is loaded in both Firefox (scrambled on the left) and Safari (normal on the right).
      I had to upgrade to a newer graphics card because my old GTX 660 was no longer supported in MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.

    • By TheBloke
      Hi all
      I am currently using an NVidia 760 with four connected displays.  (I also own a 980Ti but it lags terribly so I reverted to the Kepler 760 which runs much better.)
      I would like to add at least one more display.  I first tried to achieve this with a supposedly macOS-compatible USB 3 to DVI adapter, but this is not working at all for me.  I thought I had to go this route because I am using every PCIe slot on my mobo except for one PCIe x1 slot.
      I've now realised, rather late, that actually there is a modern NVidia GPU available on a PCIe x1 card, the Zotac GeForce GT 710.  (And it's actually cheaper than I just spent trying to get USB 3 to DVI!)
      It uses the NVidia 208 GPU, which is Kepler and so should work OK with either the Native or Web drivers.
      So my question: will macOS detect and use two separate NVidia GPUs, and allow me to simultaneously use displays connected to both?
      It should work fine in Windows (at least as long as I'm pairing it with another 700 series GPU), but I have no idea if this is a supported config in a Mac.  If anyone knows for sure I'd be most grateful for info.
    • By Cyberdevs
      Let's cross reference the facts and settings and find out why we have the lags with the nVidia web drivers and why some other people don't have the lags.
      I have an EVGA 1070 SuperClocked GPU which is working pretty well under macOS Sierra and up to macOS 10.13.2 the last macOS update and the nVidia web driver didn't go so well.
      So far I tried all the following options but nothing seems to work:
      1. Used only clover's on the fly patch for the board-id to avoid the black screen issue
      2. Used Lilu and nVidiaGraphicsFixUp
      3. Used only AGDPFix without any other patches or kexts
      4. Activated the iGPU
      5. used ACPI patches to change the PEG0 to GFX0
      6. Used iMacPro SMBIOS without any patches or kext
      Nothing seems to work so far except for the patched version of the 104 or 106 web driver which has the lags but it's way better than the last drivers.
      To all people with no lags:
      Please share your EFI folders if you can.
      (Please remove the serial number, MLB, UUID and all the private stuff from your config.plist and also remove "themes" and "Apple" Folder before posting it)
      and please share your hardware specs with the firmware version (BIOS/UEFI version) 
      Thank you all
      You can test the following sites to see wether you have the lags or not:
      http://madebyevan.com/webgl-water/ (thanks to @maerten)
      http://www.bongiovi..../webgl/blossom/ (thanks to @TheBloke)