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Sapphire HD 5750 working in safe mode, but flashing blue screen on normal boot.


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When starting my Hackintosh it will only boot into safe boot. If I try to start up normally, I just get a flashing blue screen. The screen goes from a dark to a lighter blue and just hangs there. Below is the hardware I'm running.


Asus Maximus Gene III Motherboard

i5 760


Sapphire HD 5750


Below are the kexts I used for my video card. I've also included ATY_Init.kext into my Extra\Extensions\ folder. I'm at a total loss here at what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.












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Weird, got the video card to work and the hackintosh to boot up normally now. I installed the above kext and found ATIRadeonx3000kext to be the issue. I removed the kext and was able to boot normally and with full resolution on both my DVI monintors. Now there's a new issue. I'm having problems playing flash video in any other browser besides Safari. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome, Firefox, and Flash multiple times, but still only Safari will play Flash. I've also tried changing some of the flash settings within the other broswers by right clicking on the flash video and hitting settings and advanced settings. Anyone else seen this before?

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I believe all you have to do is to edit the id for that card which is 0x68be1002 instead of 0x68BE1002 in theATI5000Controller.kext and the ATIRadeonx3000.kext. Then it probably will work pretty ok but you wont get theDispalyport to work if your on snow leo 10.6.8. It kind of works in Lion though but not good so theres some problem either with this card or chameleon or the DSDT.AML

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