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Notebook Asus N71JQ


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17" Notebook with Ati 5730 1GB Vram

Intel Core i7



I managed to install Lion, but no graphics acceleration and resolution is just over 1024.


The sound works by applying a patch. Internet works fine using RJ45, bluetooth also.

Wireless appears in the bar, but is not functional.The keyboard and touchpad works well, but sometimes they fail and they are not recognized.

The USB ports are working, except for the USB 3, which does not work.

The web cam and mic works well.


I wonder if anyone has managed to solve the problem of the graph, which is what matters most.


Doing many tests, once I managed to "supposedly" enable the acceleration, but at the cost of not being the monitor. The solution is to use a VGA cable to an external monitor, which also works. Supposedly the problem is with the EDID, you need to edit it.


I have not been tested with HDMI...


Can anyone help?

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Ok i have the N71JQ with the HD 5730. i have HDMI, VGA, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and 3.0, SD Card, Function keys, camera, audio, wifi, ethernet battery meter, keyboard, touchpad and mouse etc working on my system perfectly.

Here is the link to the drivers. You are required to be a member to download



However booting with PCIRootUID=0 AtiConfig=Eulemur GraphicsEnabler=Yes gives full graphics including acceleration but only on external monitors up to 1080p with HDMI but my internal is black.


Booting with PCIRootUID=1 AtiConfig=Eulemur GraphicsEnabler=Yes shows my internal but at 1152x864 with no graphics detected.


Anyone with a solution PLEASE share

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