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Install Lion 10.7.4 Onto your Asus G53SX Laptop (Official!)


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I finally got OSX Lion functioning on my G53SX. I wanted to help people so I made some directions. The zip file included comes with almost everything you need. Make sure to download the latest ######!



Simple Stupid way:


1. Plug in your hard drive via usb or internally on a mac computer. Install Mac OSX Lion (Used 10.7.4)

2. Restart the machine, register your account and log in.

3. Shut down the Mac.

4. Restart the Mac with the drive disconnected. Plug in the drive externally.

5. Run ###### and pick your drive! Then select the following:

UserDSDT Install (Use the DSDT Provided I provided!, Place it right on your desktop!)

All of System Utilities

Under Drivers\Kexts & Enablers\Disk\ 3rd Party Sata, Check Trim Enabler if you are only using a SSD!

Under Drivers\Kexts & Enablers\Graphics\NVidia 4xx/5xx support\ 10.7.2+ Combo OpenCL Enabler

Under Drivers\Kexts & Enablers\Miscellaneous\NullCPUPowerManagement (prevents kernel fault)

Under Drivers\Kexts & Enablers\Miscellaneous\USB 3.0

Under Drivers\Kexts & Enablers\Miscellaneous\PS/2 Keyboard /Mice

Under Drivers\Kexts & Enablers\Network\Realtek Gigabit Ethernet 2.0.6

Under Customization\Boot Options\SSDT\Core i7


6. Then Click Continue


7. Let it install and complete. Boot the machine up. It should load fine with no sound.


8. Extract Kext Wizard and VoodooHDA.kext.zip. Run Kext Wizard and use it to install VoodooHDA.kext


9. Once it succeeds, reboot. Sound should now be working.


10. Wireless works out of the box!



I am working on the other functions. Stay Tuned and good luck! ~_~

g53sx Mac.zip

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