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[Solved]Need help to boost hackintosh performance, please!


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This is my geekbench sore, which is as low as little more than 4000.



And I was expecting the result is more than 7000.



Please help. My hackintosh is:

Core i5 2320, 4 cores, running at 2933MHz

Dual-Channel 8GB DDR3 RAM running at 1333MHz

Gigabyte H61M-S3P, with dsdt.aml I made for myself, which you can find in the attachment

Gigabyte Geforce GT520, which is compatible with Lion

Normal 500GB 7200RPM HDD, AHCI mode

I installed the Mac OS X Lion from scratch, then upgrade to 10.7.3, and then 10.7.4, ####### is the key.


Please help me to boost its performance where it should be.

All 4 cores are enabled, because I can see 4 cores in the Activity Monitor.


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