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[HELP] Need DSDT for Sleep and Screen Brightness on HD3000 Acer 5750-9292


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Hello Guys!


I am running iAtkos L2 fairly good, but I have a problem with the sleep and brightness.


The sleep doesn't work, the screen goes black and remains black even if I try to wake it up. I have to shutdown my laptop manually to get back to the desktop.


The brightness doesn't work, I can't adjust brightness, the screen remains on 100% bright, which is killing my eyes and battery.


Does anyone have the DSDT file to enable the sleep and brightness ?



Laptop specifications: [Acer 5750-9292]

  • Intel Core i7 2GHz
  • Built in INTEL HD Graphics 3000
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM

My Extracted DSDT file [i am new to this, so I hope it is the right file format.]





Thanks in advance!

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