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Hi guys I'm looking for a bluetooth dongle which supports bluetooth 4.0. IOgear 4.0 (GBU521) link

may be a solution. what do you think about it? experienes? there are other compatibles dongles in stock?

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They are all pretty much the same ... I have a Digitus DN-30210, you get it in Germany, it's basically the same as Delock or this one here: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Dual-Mode-Bluetooth-4-0-Micro-USB-Dongle-Low-Energy-Technology-Wireless-Adapter-/290745793552?pt=US_USB_Bluetooth_Adapters_Dongles&hash=item43b1ccbc10. But there are a lot more that look exactly the same.


They are not going to work OOB in Lion, you have to edit the kext file ... also there are some issues if you want to use it to wake up from sleep. But they are definitely working OOB in Mountain Lion.


Mountain Lion has official OOB support for these 2 dongles:





But as I said a lot more are working if they have the same device id (for example Delock, Digitus).


In lion i had to inject the plust of broadcom plugin inside iobtfamily


But in mldp4 and above you see there's a method/clasd called btblabla4.0

And that's mean that the binary in the mldp4 is totally different

Also: the device..in lion i cannot disable/enable the flag in the ctrlpanel.

In mldp4 yes. The flag really tak control of the usb device

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Wow! Now i can use on lion tre devices together without lagging. all the cables pisses off!! Wacom, mouse and keyboard.. But I'm still using snow, I will try to find the way to get the newest driver working, but probably it's just impossible

I'm using the bluetooth lion driver on snow. before install it I copied the entire info.plist from the mountain lion driver and pasted it inside the 10.7.4 bluetooth driver.I get work the v2.0 dongle but the new dongle v4.0 doesn't works. suggestions?

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