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OS X only boots sometimes (dual Xeon Quad-core E5440)

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**** PROBLEM SOLVED: Stepping of both processors MUST match! Both XEON processors are now E5440 SLANS. ****



The SR1530CLR server system occupied with 2 Quad-Core E5440 Xeon processors takes a number of boot trials before it boots completely to OS X Snow Leopard. Everything then is perfect and stable and runs any complicated application such as Final Cut Pro, MaxwelRender and the likes as long as the system is powered is on (obviously). There's a full report on the matter here http://www.insanelym...howtopic=270399


Can anybody clarify on what the cause might be why it takes so many boots before this Dual Quad-Core Xeon E5440 system works. I have looked all over for more than a year without results. 1 Xeon works but 2 Xeons needs more boot trials to become full stable OS X boot. The other times it hangs or reboots (see attachments for full documentation)


Suggestions are welcome.



Hac Pro - SR1530CLR - BIOS settings.zip

Hac Pro - SR1530CLR - startup screenshots.zip

Hac Pro - SR1530CLR - System Profile.zip

Hac Pro - SR1530CLR - IOREG - no smbios no dsdt only fakesmc - lucky dual quadcore xeon boot.zip

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