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[Help Needed] Keyboard Layouts for notebook\laptop


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Hi everyone,


After successfully installing osx 10.7.3 on my hackintosh laptop, now i`m having some trouble setting up my keyboard on it.

The keyboard is a 89-key ABNT2 format keyboard, and even after I set it up to the correct character schema, one key on it is giving me a headache.


the / key ( / - ? ) isnt working properly. When I press it on the keyboard, it activates a combo of keys to close open windows (exactly like command + Q). I want to put it correctly, so it shows the correct characters on it, but Im unable to find a solution so far. I tried creating a new keyboard layout using ukulele, but without luck.


Does anyone have a clue of what might be happening? I`m out of ideas =(


Any help will be MUCH appreciated!

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