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Help with iAtkos L2M boot DVD


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Hi guys, i'll try myself as well to explain my issue:


i have already Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my laptop, specs are:


Dell Inspiron 1545

250 hd western digital

2gb Ram ddr2 800mz

Intel Celeron Dualcore


the thing now is i like to install Os X Lion and i download iatkos l2m.dmg


i burned into dvd blank cd...and when i reboot i can't make it boot from cd.


now, ive read in tonymac86 about i-boot, and i did the procedure (download i-boot iso file, burned into a cd blank disk, reboot, boot from i-boot cd, when boot screen appears, eject cd and replace for iatkos l2m dvd and should continue) but all the options leadsme in 2 results:


--kernel panic because is no media loaded


--or nothing happends, appears chamaleon boot screen (from my SL installation) and that's it


i've try on i-boot boot screen to type some boot commands like -x , or PCIRootUID=1 -x (or without the -x) and same above results


any ideas? or any better method?


Regards, Rad

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You can't run OSX Lion on that old Celeron CPU with the Vanilla kernel.Just stick with Snow Leopard on that machine..It MIGHT be possible with the latest legacy kernel developed for AMD and Lion which can run some Celerons but that,i haven't tested and cannot help you on the issue.

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