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Run Apple Spareparts natively in Hackintosh


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Hi folks,
instead of fuxking around with 3rd party parts (example bluetooth and wlan dongles), isn´t it possible to buy original Apple spareparts and connect it to the Hackintosh?

For example the Macbook Bluetooth Sparepart Device 922-7189 is connected via flatband cable to the systemboard. Could it be that I can braze/manufacture my one 922-7189-to-USB cable?

I saw a mini-PCI-Express to PCI-Xpress adapter Card which could handle a broadcom or Apple-Native WLAN Card.

I had issues with the BT-mighty mouse or BT-magic pad and the BT-tastatur simultanely last year with 10.6.x. From time to time the mouse-pointer stucked or the tastatur did not send all letters to the mac.

I know that there are great how-to´s and best practise parts ... but .... :) 

Do you have experience with this?
Do you have already a schema of an apple sparepart for brazing a plug?



Here are some links to adapter cards:

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