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Restore from old OSX


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Hi all, recently my whole system crashed, i can't boot my lion anymore, it gives me all kind of errors:

Debugger called panic,

it was a Kernel trap or something,

Faulting CPU???

BootcacheControl unable to open /var/db/blablabla/Bootcacheplaylist 2

BSD = Kernel_Task


And i couldn't manage to fix it, so instead i made a new system on my old "Backup" Partition.


Now it works like a charm again!

But, is there a way to recover all the files (especially my applications, since i can easily copy my Documents)

Is there a way/program to do this? its just a normal installation, so it isn't a time machine backup.


2 other questions:


-Is there a way to Expand the size of your partition? (if so, what is the best way)

-How to enable sleep on a Z68 pro3


PS: sorry, for putting it in this forum, but i suck at quizzes, i have some basic knowledge, actually a lot. I build this PC my self, and i know stuff about Hackintosh, but i don't know all the abbreviations






8 gb ddr3 RAM

Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT

AsRock z68 Pro 3

Intel i5 2500k

Lion 10.7.3(installed iAtkos L2, and updated 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 using a combo update)




Solved! its just a program called: "Migration Assistant", its a standard program.

Somebody could close this now

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