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DSDT Confusion

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hi there. i have a toshiba L505-13V laptop, and somehow managed to install and get Lion 10.7.2 running. I'm just a bit confused about DSDT and how to extract it.


on the OsX, i generated/extracted using DSDTse and it compiled without errors. laptop boots "fine" with the generated dsdt.aml used.


now, i reboot into a windows OS, all drivers for the hardware loaded but when i try to generate dsdt.dsl i get errors.


so which one is the BEST way to extract and compile DSDT file for use? via linux?


one other thing which may or may not be related to DSDT use, whenever i am on the OsX, the cpu tends to generate considerable amount of heat even when idle and the laptop fan works in overdrive, whereas when i am in a windows enviroment, the laptop is very quiet.


if somebody is interested to tackle this issue, i will be more than happy to post the dsdt file generated from both OsX and Windows 7 environment.

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