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PLEASE help! Dell Mini 10v trackpad keyboard usb


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Hello everyone. I just got a Dell Mini 10v and I am running 10.6.7 but with a few minor problems i can't find the answer to. Ok so, everything installed without a prob but I am losing keyboard, trackpad and one USB port sometimes. Oh, and sometimes sound and sleep. When I have power plugged I don't have any problems for the most part. When I'm on battery and start it up I have no keyboard, trackpad or usb unless I boot in verbose. Sound sometimes does not work but restart fixes that. Sleep is spotty all the time when power plugged in. I thought the 10v was supposed to be "the ultimate" hackintosh netbook. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate any help with this. I just need it to all work without having to boot in verbose. My Dell mini 9 was flawless so I dont understand why this isnt. Here are my specs:

dell mini 10v 1011

A06 bios

SL 10.6.7

NBI 0.8.4 RC1

Bluetooth? (not sure i have it. there is option to disable in bios so maybe i do?)


Was thinking about trying NBI 0.8.5pre but I'm finding tons of different answers from all over the net. Don't know what to do here. HELP!

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