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Help: Intel Desktop Board D525MW (Atom) KEXTs

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Did an install of 10.5.6 leopard to my drive. Boots fine and the grey apple shows but it just hangs there. Currently testing via USB boot while I wait for a connector to come for my hard drive.


Anyway I was wondering if I could have some help with KEXTs. I tried vanilla ones but I assume they aren't working. I built this mini-itx using an Intel D525MW Desktop Board.


Intel Atom Processor D525 (Dual-Core, integrated graphics & memory controller)


Intel NM10 Express Chipset







What would I need to get Leopard to load past the grey apple, so I can work from there?


Thanks in advance.

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I literally have no idea what I'm suppose to do from where.


EDIT: Seems I need to patch my DSDT if I am not mistaken. I've found a guide somewhere with somebody who has my motherboard, gonna give it a shot and report back in case anyone else has similar hardware to me.

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