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upgrade to snow leo from leo using dmg

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ok i finally got everything but my graphics working on my hackintosh, i have a.... ati 4350 radeon hd, ive heard you can install the graphics if you have snow leopard, well i have the retail dmg and i would like a tutorial on how to upgrade it, so i may be able to do the graphics fix, there was a kid on youtube that had a video on how to upgrade to snow leo using a dmg, and a having leo installed however the video was deleted so here is what im wondering how in the world can i upgrade using the the retail dmg i have and not crash the system or mess up anything ive done so far. if you would like to email me my address is wallybescotty@gmail.com i would appreciate the help greatly, ive been trying to get a fully functioning hackintosh since 2007 and im closer now than ever before but yet no cigar,..... i believe the version i have but it thinks its a mac book pro :P i also would like to edit that out aswell, so if anyone has any answers i would appreciate it please and thank you


sorry for grammer and errors, im in a rush

-sr wally bescotty

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