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Need help with installing Snow Leopard on my homebuild. No access to mac. USB ONLY no optical drive!


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The Specs are as follows,


Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3.0


Nvidia GT 440.


Pentium G620


4gb DDR3 1066


I have tried countless times to install OSX but I hit some major issues...


I dont have an optical drive (USB ONLY).


I cant afford the retail DVD after what I spent on hardware (<500$) - dont say im being tight on money it's 30$,

im only in high school and my parents have said no to any more costs. So please link me to a download that



Some people use ######, others dont, idk if i should.





Please help me!


Thanks :)

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We can't give out links to OSX on this board. You have to find it yourself. There are several good search engines to choose from.


Your best bet is to install a virtual machine like VMWare or VirtualBox. Find yourself a good iso image, boot it in the virtual machine and then have the installer install to a hard drive. You can also find Apple dmg images (like iso's) and use something like TransMac or PowerISO or MagicISO to convert it. MacDrive allows Windows to read and write to OSX formatted drives.


But it would make your life easier if you could just find someone to loan you an optical drive for a few days.

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