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Lenovo y530


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So i finished my first successful hackintosh with my newly purchased lenovo y530. Got a great deal on it ( paid 40 bucks). Everything is running smoothly on it except mfor a few minor things. First my graphics are showing only 64 mb (Intel GMA 4500MHD is the chipset ) wireless didnt work at all but being a it i had other cards i can put into it ) so wireless now works perfect. but My sleep is messed up. If it goes to sleep than it locks up and im unable to wake it. and when i reset it it messes up and im having to reinstall it. Only other issue is the sound is really low. So if you guys have any suggestions im open to anything but keep in my im new to this so if you can explain a lil indetail on how to do it :) Thanks everyone andthe forums are extremly helpful here :)




P.S. if you need the full system specs you can find it here.




Also to help further y530 users out if you decide to switch the internal wifi card out install it in the second slot and it will accept it. Putting it where the first one is will always give you non compatible card but with second slot it overrides it :)

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