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Is it legal to install OS X on a PC?


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Hackintoshing is not illegal, provided you own a legal copy of OS X. In fact, having a pirated copy of Windows is much worse from a legal point of view.

At most, it is breach of EULA, which is a private contract between Apple and you. The legal status of EULAs varies from country to country.

In any case, keep in mind that you can't be sent to prison and that breach of EULA has nothing to do with the police (it is not a criminal offence).

For more, read here


DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed above are mine & do not necessarily reflect the views of InsanelyMac or its owners. Secondly, I am not a lawyer, and the above is merely the legal position to the best of my knowledge, errors & omissions excepted etc etc. (by Hagar).

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