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Drive does not wake up after sleep


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there is an option called "put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible" in the energy svaer pane of system preferences.

when it's checked then DVD drive does wake up but only when there is no disc insterted.

and the usual sleep function also works correctly (usb devidses, hard disk, dvd drive sleep then waking up etc) so i guess it is nothing to do with that.

when a disc inserted in the drive and not used for like 20 minutes then dvd drive entering sleep mode and can't wake even if i set sleep mode in the apple menu then pressing space to wake up.

this was the case same when i used a second hdd (i dropped since then because of a hdd failure so i can't test now).

so i unchecked this option. it is a workaround but this would be the last step to achieve a full "vanilla" snow leopard :star_sunglasses:

thanks for the input+!

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