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Random Hard Drive Shutoff Noise

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I'm currently running iDeneb 10.5.8 on the hardware in my sig, and although this is a temporary OS (i plan to go to Snow Leopard), I noticed that my hard drive sounds like it just shuts off at times.


I think the first time it happened I wasn't able to move the mouse, but it became responsive again a short time later. The second time it happened, I was still able to use the mouse.


And it just happened again while I was typing this. Mouse was unresponsive for a short time, and then a short time later it became responsive again and then a warning came up telling me of unsafe device removal (I think it was the flash drive I have in).


I have the Hard Drive sleep option disabled in system settings. Also during iDeneb setup, I didn't check anything specific to my HDD or SATA chipset (there was something there for AHCI, but I left it alone)

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