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Help with Dell studio 1558

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I successful installed OSX 10.7.2 on my Dell Studio 1558 using IAktos

I am using a DSDT and managed to get the following to work/work partially:


ATI 5470m (with qe/ci on internal and external screen BUT! external screen doesn't

work when plugged in after boot (have to boot up with it plugged in it may or may not be easy to fix that, any ideas?)


UPDATE: with AtiConfig=Quail i am able to hot plug my screen at the via port.

PLUS brightness keys are working.


Network: Dell Wireless 1510/Ethernet and Bluetooth all working out of the box

Webcam: working out of the box

Keyboard/Trackpad: working out of the box

Sound: working with VoodooHDA 2.7.3 (I have to set preferences from 192000 to 44100 samples/s on every reboot in order to get cracking-free sound, AND it would be very cool to get auto switching between internal and external speakers to work, as i know my sound card supports it in Windows)


AND (last but not least)


Wake from sleep doesn't work. display stays black everything works in background, it may be another problem with my frame buffer? i was able to fix the hot plug issue by changing to quail but display still won't wake up from sleep.

I am not able to dump my video bios because i can not boot up with arch=i386 it simply restarts when the desktop should load.

is there any way to dump it while running kernel in 64 bit mode?




thanks in advance,



my dsdt is attached...


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I managed to get Sound working properly with a modified AppleHDA.kext, with autoswitching audiojacks.


Here is my Bios Decode:




SubsystemVendorID: 0x1028 SubsystemID: 0x02bd

IOBaseAddress: 0x2000

Filename: BR035738.002

BIOS Bootup Message:

Dell Hanks PARK S3 XT DDR3 64Mx16 512MB


PCI ID: 1002:68e0

Connector at index 0

Type [@offset 45198]: LVDS (7)

Encoder [@offset 45202]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY (0x1e)

i2cid [@offset 45272]: 0x90, OSX senseid: 0x1

Connector at index 1

Type [@offset 45208]: HDMI-A (11)

Encoder [@offset 45212]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY1 (0x20)

i2cid [@offset 45295]: 0x91, OSX senseid: 0x2

Connector at index 2

Type [@offset 45218]: VGA (1)

Encoder [@offset 45222]: INTERNAL_KLDSCP_DAC2 (0x16)

i2cid [@offset 45322]: 0x97, OSX senseid: 0x8


And my ATI5000Controller.kext + ATI5000Injector.kext, could someone possibly edit the Controller oder Injector to get my card working?


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