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no installed kexts loading with system! help.


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Ok, so been trying to install lion for about a month now. with some success, but now its the same thing over and over but noone seems to be able to help me.


When i first installed lion, cpu and gfx where not recognised, i managed to install network, sound, ps2 etc but then bricked my install. so i tried again,


now every fresh install i try is the same, cpu + gfx recognised without installing anything (which is a good thing but wierd) + usb wont work!


but then whenever i install any kexts for network, sound, ps2. I get KP on shutdown. and when i reboot system, the kexts i just installed are not loading with the system!


when i boot using -f. I do not get full resolution, but it seems the ps2 has installed + i get usb working!


doesn anyone know why it is doing this? i only want to at least get network working then i can stop booting back to windows to DL any kexts!

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