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DSDT for T420s


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send_me.zipHi all


sorry for bad english, i've a problem creating a full DSDT table for Lenovo T420s (4173-L7G).In this time i'm running with the same dsdt.aml compiled by

MaLd0n for T420 described in this topic http://www.insanelym...ic=268280&st=40. i think the most hardware components of the laptops are the same but i've a issue with performance (sometimes the system freeze when app change by Mission Control)and a a graphics glitches.


I've already applied the patch to AppleIntelCPUPM bin, but the problems remain.

I've attached the send_me package created with the MaLd0n scripts, hope someone help me


Thanks all !!!


EDIT: Uploaded send_me.zip file

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