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Need help - cuda-z can't see my card - device emulation cpu


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I'm having a few issues getting my Palit 560 Ti 448 to fully work in Lion 10.7.3. System Profiler picks up my card correctly but only 1 of my monitors seems to be active.

I have 2 monitors plugged in via DVI, the 1st screen is giving me full resolution but the 2nd screen is showing as a VGA and is just a blank screen with a flashing orange power light (it works fine in windows partition though)





Open Cl is working according to Luxmark, although it's an unknown GPU. Does it matter that its is unknown and is the score too low?






Cuda doesn't appear to be working properly; cuda-z is showing 'Device Emulation CPU' and gnu sniffer can't find any cuda devices. Also I tried Blender 3D Cycles renderer but it isn't picking up Cuda either.




I also ran Novabench and got


Graphics Tests (Score: 361)

- 3D Frames Per Second: 1504



Has anyone else experienced any of these issues? Can anyone offer any help?


Many Thanks

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my 2nd monitor is now working but I still have no cuda.


Any ideas?


On my L702x w/GT550M, I copy a known card from a similar mac machine and use it in my system definition. In my case, in the info.plist in the AGPM.kext, the MBP6,2 has an entry for a 0x0a29 nVidia device. I copy that child, using PlistEditPro, to the MBP8,3 and rename it to 0x0dd6 which is my device. While I 'see' no difference, it eliminates a message in the LOG that occurs about 30 times a second when I'm streaming video and activates my CUDA for BOINC.





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