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Problem in Installing MAC on SONY VAIO VPCCW2 Series

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I have a sony vaio laptop model name is VPCCW26FG.

I wanted to install macintosh on it so I surfed internet for help.

First I was able to install hackintosh on my PC but on my laptop I wasn't able to... so I made a google-search and found out the problem was the AHCI mode which in my sony laptop bios there isn't enough configuration setting as in any other vaio laptops. (then I realized the system configures itself automatically depending on your need ,so I left this case).

I found out the problem was common but user's using this model and installing hackintosh are not many.

now the main thread which is essential for the experts reading this is I have 3 mac installation disk, One of them is IATKOS LS3 (MAC 10.6.3) and IATKOS LS1 (MAC LION) and One old disk using DARWIN (10.5.6) I Guess ;


The Old disk I can boot with command "-v -F busratio=18 arch=x86_64" and installation becomes successful but booting after install is not successful no matter what command I type.

The IATKOS LS2 is the same as my Old disk.

The IATKOS LS3 doesn't get the installation so I tried "-v" command it shows this message [pc configuration begins] and hangs. (I Used the npci=0x2000 command but not working ).


I'm sure there are many people having my problem but can't find anything so if I get this problem solved ,then I post a complete tutorial about this on my website with respect to experts answers in this forum.



My SONY VAIO Laptop Configuration:

-Model: VPCCW26FG

-Chipset: Intel PM55

-Processor: Intel Core i5 520M @ 2400MHz

-Physical Memory: 4096 (2 x 2048 DDR3-SDRAM)

-Video Card: NVIDIA GT216 GeForce GT 330M

-Hard Disk: Seagate ST9500325AS (500GB)

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The IATKOS LS2 is the same as my Old disk-after sucessfull installacion you needed to boot with DVD and choise OS X partition for boot

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The IATKOS LS2 is the same as my Old disk-after sucessfull installacion you needed to boot with DVD and choise OS X partition for boot


My problem is at very Installation not at booting.

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