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fresh lion install, kp problems etc. DSDT?


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Just done a fresh install of lion (from retail lion app), Booted up no problems using un!beast usb drive to boot. Full resolution, gfx detected, cpu recognised all straight away without installing anything. usb was working fine too.


installed the kext from this post which was reported as working in 10.7 https://tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?p=342909&sid=0556c33205ae116b0944fbec7c6ea016#p342909


using kext wizard, installed that kext then repaired permissions + cache.


rebooted, booted fine. Now i still have no wireless detected at all. and my usb has stopped working.


went to shut down and got KP grey screen "you need to restart your computer"



its like its not even installing anything i install! even system info app didnt show the kext was loaded! now im getting the shutdown KP again!


its great that it has full resolution from first boot, because i was having trouble with that first time i installed lion.


what could be the problem? everytime i do a fresh install im geting the same problems, why cant i install anything?!?!


laptop is a Acer 5750. I keep reading about DSDT but not sure if i need or how to use it! can someone please help me get going in teh right direction!


picture of system info


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