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help! IEEE1394 on front I/O but not on mobo..will this compramise circuit?

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Hi guys I'm a bit newby and this is my first full build, i'm using a gygabyte GAX58-UD3R mobo, in a coolermaster cosmos s case, my question is the front I/O panel on the case has 4 usb,1esata ,audio in out,and IEEE1394(firewire) im not a greatfire wire user so dont need it as yet as i have usb 3 on back panel.But there are no firewire headers on my mobo and i'm worried that not connecting the firewire may compramise the circuit on the front I/O. If anyone is famillier with this issue ,board, case.pleeeeeaaaaassseeeee help, im desperate and stuck, Im sorry if im posting in wrong area,im still getting the hang of this forum ting.I look forward to your genius answers thanks guys.

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