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Our MacMod of the Month Project

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I would like to bring to your attention our MacMod of the Month project. Please share with us your Mods and compete for our monthly and yearly awards.


We asked user PunkNugget to take charge of it, as it is in fact his idea. We'll try to reward the best yearly Mod with a prize. If you have already posted a topic (with your Mod) which could be moved to this new forum, just let me or a global mod know, and we'll move it.


About the project leader, PunkNugget:

He is a 15+ year Mac owner. He wanted to build his own personal Custom PC and figure out how to get his copy of Mac OS X to work with his new PC, since he kept hearing about "Hackintoshes."


That's how he eventually found InsanelyMac.com and also wanted a place where we can DISPLAY our Hackies with PRIDE! We asked him if he would be willing to participate, and hence the reason why we have MacMod of the Month.


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