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Help me with the final thing? Need proper sleep


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Hey guys.

Laptop is a Lenovo z370.

Core is-2330M processor

HD3000 graphics

ALC269 audio



I'm installed using u n i b e a s t and some custom kexts, updeated to 10.7.3 stable and fine. I've got everything perfect (just no hdmi audio) apart from sleep.


I've got sleep enabler installed but the following happens...


Laptop tries to sleep.

HDD light flashes away for 10 seconds or so then it goes into s3 sleep. Just power light flashing nothing running - seems perfect.

THEN it wakes itself up after about 5 seconds and when I hit enter takes me back to my desktop.


I've no problems with CMOS resets / KP's I just don't know how to get it to stop in s3.


Any help would be majorly appreciated.




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