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Mac developer candidate with his story and request for help

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Hey there.



This is my very first post to the Forums, as a Mac developer candidate.



To make a long story short...



In order to be able to own a Macbook Pro and pursue my projects further about smart games for children, I have applied to a Scholar competition in Germany.


I am talking about it here now, since... I could use some assistance, meaning supporting votes, of course if you really like the presentation file(s).



You can find a slideshow in German with my drawings and a real time New School presentation in English through the following link:





German version involves my last year's story in Hamburg and English version involves what I have on mind for development and what not.



It also includes a tiny button below for your possible support (through Facebook) -once again, if you really dig it.




I wanted to say "Hi" together with one supposedly plausible of an issue that matters for me, since I am seeking to own a Mac and join this community effectively . )



Please also feel free to coin in your impressions.






PS: I somehow found this section of the Forum suitable for this submission. In case it is not properly positioned, please kindly move it to the relevant section and accept my excuses.

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