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/private/var/log/asl keeps taking up hard drive space on lion...

Frank Nitty

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I've been having this problem for 2 weeks now and it's crashed my Lion install twice which resulted in me having to reinstall the OS. I am having trouble finding the underlying cause of this problem and I need help. I've seen many articles thru Google about this issue, dating back since 10.5.4. Using OmniDiskSweeper as suggested online, I've noticed that 25.6mb chunk .asl files are constantly being created, and it's especially noticeable when using the internet via wifi dongle BELKIN N F5D8053. I've been able to delete these files manually but they keep coming back. Any advice tackling this problem would be nice. Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: I realized that the patched appleyukon2.kext within IONetworkingFamily.kext is what causes var/log/asl/ folder to create numerous log files that take up disk space... When I removed it by placing in the trash bin and repaired permissions, and restarted computer, the log files stop, but what happens is, my Ethernet ports are not recognized which prevent me from logging into the app store... is there anyway to log into the app store without my Ethernet ports being recognized?

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