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GTS 250 problem (no 1680x1050 anymore)


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Hi everybody !


So a month ago I built myself a HackPro, and everything was working beautifully...


Two days ago my PSU died, so I replaced it with my old PSU.


I have a Geforce GTS 250, and I'm using chameleon boot loader with grahicsEnabler.


On my old PSU, there's no 6 pin connector for graphic cards, so I tried to boot the computer without it, but it didn't work. So then I took the molex-to-6pin adapter and my computer started to boot again, however the resolution 1680x1050 had disappeared ! Now, my monitor, which was detected as N220W is now detected as "VGA Monitor". I think that's the problem, but I really don't know how to solve it (I already tried to install Lion again, but so far no luck). Another thing: I see a lot of resolutions in the list, but no sign of my 1680x1050 one...


Does anybody have an idea of what's causing this ??


Thanks !!!!!

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