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Dell 2100 - "No" keyboard, touchpad, wifi, sound and no kext for video

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Help please - I've reinstalled so many times either using NBI...351 or myhack 2.2 and got no working result. so far the best I can do is to use myhack 2.2. It booted using "extra" but with very few driver. The only hing that works after editing org.chameleon.plist is the right resolution (1366x768x32) but no QE/CI.


I looked into "extra" and the only thing that's there are



---FakeSMC.kext (version 2.5)





I have copied (mv or cp -R) all the kext produce by NBI.....351 on General Extensions to a separate partition hoping I can just copied them back the right directories (either /S/L/E or /E/E).


I know how to go to re-install and launch terminal from there just in case i messed up.


is there a utility I can use to install gma950, integratedframe buffer and my laptop keyboard kexts?

If not I don't mind using a command prompt just to get all the important kext loaded.





"Solved" - Thanks to all who read.

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After more than 10 reinstalls, I made some progress on this install. I did a manual copying of kexts, changing ownership and permissions. Removing kext cache and extensions and recreating them manually now the only thing left are networking. Ethernet and Wifi. I used VoodooHDA.kext and VoodooPS2-something, QE/CI works with a perfect 1366x768x32 resolution - Got the ripple effect on "dashboard".


I read somewhere that I have to go to at least 10.6.5 for the Broadcom Gigabit Eth to be recognized and also the "IO80211family.kext" to work on my mini WiFi card Dell_1397. I have a retail version (bought a year ago at Apple store) of 10.6.3 and also downloaded the "MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.3v1.1.dmg". Also I got the "MacOSXUpd10.6.4.dmg" and MacOSXUpd10.6.5.dmg.


Now, What is the safest approach as far as the bootloader is concern to go to 10.6.5. I know I have to use the legacy kernels for each update because Apple did cut the support on Atom. I'm thinking of using the "MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.3v1.1.dmg" running it to update/upgrade my Lat 2100 and replace the "mach_kernel" with "mach_kernel_atom_10.3.0_MacOSX_10.6.3.zip" by copying it to root renaming as "mach_kernel" and changing the ownership. - At this point, should I "rerun" Myhack2.2 and selecting "extra" and bootloader, right before rebooting?.


I really don't want to panic it again because a lot of stuff are already working. NetbookInstaller-20100616212351 is making it not to boot, so I want to know if there is a way to safely use it or should I stick with myHack2.2.


What is the main diff of the two.


Should I "MOVE" by using "mv" all the content of my /Extra/Extensions/ to /S/L/E, change all the permissions and ownership, on /S/L/E/ , recreate startup cache and delete "Extra" and use "NetbookInstaller20100616212351"?


Thanks to all.

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Still using "/Extra" for my kexts and myhack2.2 for the bootloader. After the upgrade to 10.6.5, the only thing left that is not working is my Dell 1397 Wifi.


Hey guys how come your site is slow as the molasses. It is riddled with stuff from collective-

media.net and "ie and mozilla" are having a hard time coping with this thing. Just my 2 cents...

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