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No sound in OpenAL Games


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Hi, I'm having problems running quake4 and other games that use OpenAL.


I installed OpenAL but, when I go to quake4 sound preferences it says my sound card is not supported by openal


It's a ac97 onboard, and my motherboard it's a GA-8vm800m.

I'm running a 10.4.4 installation uptdated to 10.4.7


Does anyone knows how to solve it?



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I have the same problem... no audio with OpenAL applications (Quake 4)

I'm using 10.4.8 and my motherboard has an AC97 Realtek integrated...

Could you help me ?

Thank you


I had this issue with Doom3. I think the way to do it is to hold the apple key while double-clicking the .app. It brought up a preference window, and gave me the option to always use OpenAL when opening the .app. After that, there was some serious demon splatting action..



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