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Data migration from Hackintosh to genuine MBP goes wrong (Kexts?)

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So, I'm having a few problems migrating my data from a Hackintosh to a genuine Mac.


The story:


I've been using a mini-itx Hackintosh for the last year, that has been working flawlessly, except for the sound (Using an external card). However, since i'm moving to a smaller place, where I won't have room for a proper desk, my girlfriend forced me to dump this setup.

I've solved this by buying a 17" MBP (C2D 2.93Ghz.).

Now, both these systems are up to date to OSX 10.7.3, but annoying things start to happen when i use Migration assistant to transfer my Apps and personal data.


The problem:

As soon as I've used the Migration assistant, it seems to also transfer the fixes/kexts,.. whatever I did to get the hackintosh working.

What are the problems I notice:

- I lose the sound on the MBP

- The MBP won't shut down anymore. Screen goes dark, even after a verbose start/shutdown, but fans keep spinning until I do a "Hard" shutdown by holding the power button.

These are the things I noticed immediately, but I expect things to be even more messed up in the background.


What I've tried to solve it:


- Migration without selecting "Settings"

- Migration from Time Machine backup

- Migration directly from hackintosh disk image

- Manually unloading and removing out-of-place-looking kexts, but this always ends up in a non-booting MBP.


Does anyone know the cause/workaround solution for this, because I'm not eager to reinstaal all the apps, and get them set up again.


Thanks a bunch,



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Try not selecting "Other files and folders"; that would copy any extra kexts/folders/files you had on your hackintosh.

Only select "User Account" and "Applications".

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Nope, that didn't work eiter.


It still keeps copying kexts. (Very clear because as soon as i reboot after te migration it gives a warning that a kext necessary for the hackintosh (Realtek LAN) isn't installed properly.)

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When I have gone from hackintosh to hackintosh I always just copy everything from my user folder (including Library) to an external USB drive then copy over to the new machine. Also copy the applications individually.


Don't know if this helps or not , but my experience using the migration tool is negative.

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