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No SATA on Intel H61


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I have MSI H61M-P21 (B3) mainboard. It doesn't have AHCI. There're only 2 SATA modes: Disabled and IDE. Of course I selected IDE. I tried to use some versions of IOATAFamily and PIIXATA, but with no result. I'm sure that it is problem with SATA (not hard disk), because I don't see CD drive too (connected by SATA). I'm trying to install SL10.6. My Boot CD is ###### or UniBoot. I can boot to the SL installer, but I don't see any SATA drives in DiskUtility and any SATA controllers in About this mac/More info.


I was searching solution over the Internet, but I didn't find any interesting, what could help me solve my problem. Is there any hope?

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