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NVDAResman Kernel Panic - DP 2

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I was trying to install ML DP 2 on my hackintosh, but i'm getting this KP after the loading is done and the installation wants to began.


My specs :


Asus P8P67 Delux


GTX 560 Ti


Core i5 2500-k


4x4GB AData DDR 3 1600


For making the usb, i restored MAC OS X Base system on the usb flash memeory, then added packages folder from the MAC OS X Install ESD and then replaced fakesmc & nullcpupowermanagment & osinstall & osinstall.mpkg withe ones i used for my DP 1 install. ( i did install the DP 1 without any kp )


I did also try using my DSDT, not using my DSDT, using PCIRootUID=1 ( which the screen goes blank after loading is complete and i can not see if i get a kp or anything else. )


I guess this kp is graphic related, so anyone can help me to resolve this problem ?


The screen shot :



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