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kernel panic on usb plug-in (kinda fixed)


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** Sorry if this is common knowledge, searching anything with 'usb' means the search coughs an error about too few letters.



Hello- my first hackintosh. USB works flawlessly, all four on motherboard, and also all four on the front of the case. With one oddity:


if there isn't a usb mass storage (or similar) device plugged into one port while booting, it will KP (kernel panic/crash) when any device is plugged into the USB port after booting.



I've tried unplugging:

front audio connectors

front USB connectors (motherboard to front panel)

ALL USB devices



I've systematically plugged one device at a time, after booting (even keyboards) to find they all throw a KP (kernel panic/crash) of the system. After doing this for a couple of hours in an attempt to find a root cause, i accidentally left a USB thumb drive plugged in while booting, then plugged in my GoPro, and it didn't KP !


Sooooo, I've left my USB-DVD burner plugged in since, and not a single KP after many reboots, and many mount/umount sessions of many different devices. It doesn't appear to matter if it's mass-storage USB stick, cdrom, just so long as it's a filesystem type device DURING BOOTUP, it will prevent KP's when I plug in a usb mass storage device later on.



Again, sorry if this is common knowledge. Just wanted to prevent someone else hours of annoyance and wondering.


Thanks InsanelyMac folks !

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