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Any problems using an SSD as your root drive in 10.7?


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Has anyone run into problems using an SSD as their root drive in 10.7? Any drives known to work or not work?



I checked the HCL and there are two mentions of SSD (one 60gb and one 120gb). Anyone tried 240/256gb?



I ask because I had two identical sata drives that I tried to install 10.6 two years ago, and while one worked without problems, the other would not boot no matter what I did (identical brand, model number, etc, both drives repeatedly wiped and reinstalled to try to determine where the process was failing, and no matter what, one could not boot, the other would boot without problems).





Also, just going to say "solid state drive" here for anyone else looking for an answer to this in the future, since ssd is too short for the search function.

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