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Help! Trouble booting on AMD chipset.


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Hey guys, I've just recently joined the community, after lurking for a while on multiple Hackintosh related websites, and purchased myself a Snow Leopard retail disk to give it a go installing it on my custom pc.


I followed Appliart's AMD guide on the osx86.net forums to do my install, and I successfully installed Snow Leopard on my hard drive, following the guide perfectly, (using Legacy Kernel, AppleATIATA, VoodooHDA.) and booted into the desktop with no hitches. I first thought there was something wrong when I was greeted by no intro video (not sure if that means something), and no sound. I then went ahead hoping to fix it later on. I noticed that the suggested Chameleon bootloader wasn't changing my com.apple.boot.plist to org.chameleon.boot.plist on the first install, which was giving me the depreciated error on my first boot, so I went ahead and reinstalled Snow Leopard a second time; this time taking the liberty to use the latest Chimera to install my bootloader, which changed my com.apple.boot.plist successfully. I thought I was in the clear at this point, and I rebooted, took out ModCD, and watched as the Chimera install of Chameleon booted my pc. When I got to the Apple logo, it stayed on my screen for over a half hour, and would not boot into the OS. I am still able to boot in with my ModCD, but thats it. I have also changed my SATA settings to AHCI, changed my suspend mode to S1 (POS), and checked to make sure C1E support is disabled. I've also booted in verbose mode, and its hanging on the "Still waiting for root device" line.


If anyone can give me some further direction on what to do, that would be greatly appreciated.



My Specs are


Mobo: Biostar A870 AMD Chipset

CPU: AMD Athlon II 3.2Ghz x3 Rana 450

Video Card: ATI HD3850


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