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Hi to all!

Recently i managed to install both Snow Leopard and Lion on one of my spare HD

I successfully installed on my PC with Asus P5K SE mobo 2GB memory Gianward -Nvidia- GE 8400 GS graphics card

both snow leopard update to 10.6.8 and lion updated to 10.7.3.

How i due that i don't know, probably reading thousand of post from your people and other forums, specially 0sx86.net. Thank you.

Now my situation it's as follw.

USB 3 e-pci card working ok. Switching off wile transferring big files and during time machine backup.

This issue is very common on early windows usb3 drivers from NEC. Doesn't matter for me.

My graphics card is equipped with VGA, DVI, and HDMI output

I struggle a lot to have every thing working, at the end, connecting my monitor to the card via DVI - DVI i have lion working correctly, i can change resolution and adjust colors without any problem graphics accelerators work nicely.

Not that fun with Snow Leopard. Graphics accelerator works, but i cant change resolution, better when i try to change resolution i have a blueish screen and i have to switch off an on again, of course i cant change colors or luminosity. After a boot or two i will have the new resolution. Since few days i am unable to work out this matter.

Now the BIG fun come out. If i connect HDMI from card to DVI of the monitor via DVI-HDMI adapter, both installation work properly with flawless resolution change and luminosity or colors variation possible.

Why this happen. It's easy to say use HDMI-DVI connectors and finish, but, you know? I don't like easy ways and moreover i am very curious. I's someone out there able to illuminate my old brain or the few remains of it?

Thank you all very much to all.

Ciao Renato

PS I boot my system with chameleon 2.1 rev.1700 Some time i have to reboot, i mea restart the computer 2 or 3 time even 4 now and then. To boot one of the two installation. I don't do any things between restart, j just restart wen the system hangs one or twice and voilà i have leopard or lion, at my choice, on the screen.

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the usb issue is likely irq or buffer issue on the card.


the video the old 8400gs was device id 6xx new is 10c3 .

newer chipset not old that worked perfectly. in snow and leo 10.5

i think lion drivers work with newer chipset, snow is tricky.

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Thank You first.

The device ID of my graphics card its 10c3. As a matter of facts it looks like the problem it's on changing resolution with snow leopard only and only with DVI to DVI connection. Ok with HDMI to HDMI/DVI adaptor.

For the USB issue it doesn't matter a lot for me. I only know as i said that early NEC/RENESAS drivers for windows have the same problem. Switching of during big file transfer.

Any idea about the multiple start for booting?

Ciao Renato

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