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Some help for a Asus x93/k93 laptop dsdt !


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Hi everyone, sorry for my english i'll do my best to be understood ;-)

Here is my laptop configuration :

Asus x93sv - Core i5 2430m - 1To HDD 7200 - 8Gb Ram - GT540m etc ...

It took me lot of time to install a working system with Lion, i've try iatkos L2, and other method but it never works. Finally i found a tutorial copying manually lion's installation file on usb stick and some extra file and chameleon and it works, i have installed Lion (boot with cpus=1 maxmem=4096).

Then i install combo update 10.7.3, FakeSMC, NullCpuPowerManagement, PS/2 for the trackpad, and i've tried to extract dsdt to add some lines (in gfx0) to make works my HD3000 video, i didn't do anything else on my dsdt.

So i have full resolution now (don't know about QE/CI it's not written in system info but i think it didn't work) and i found the system very slow ! Every time i boot i need to use the flag cpus=1 (if i don't use this flag the system is totally frozen) and in activity monitor even if i launch lots of apps there is still only the first core working, i see 4 lines but only one is active :-( too bad... I've been searching so many forums but there are not lot of people with this laptop, i've try x73 and n73 dsdt but it didn't work ! I've try with chameleon and chimera, smbios.plist macbookpro8,1 and 8,3, macmini 5,1, ssdt for i5 from the HP 4530 tutorial with patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, but still no luck ...

I'm a bit newbie so i don't really understand what means all these things in my dsdt... so if someone could help me finding a way to have HD3000 and i5 2430 fully functional it would be amazing !!!

Here is my dsdt.aml i think there are many errors but it works a little bit and i don't know how to rectify them !

I hope someone will find some time to help me ;-)

Thanks a lot !!



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