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Can't get both cores or >3gb ram stable. Nforce4 680i


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Hello everyone first post here, with the help of this forum and lots of googling I have managed to get a prime95 stable hackintosh! Only problem is that I can't use both cores (screen freezes) or more than 3gb of ram (panics) without problems.


This is my system:

iatkos 10.6.3 install disk (updated to 10.6.8 with apple combo update)

evga 680i nforce4 motherboard

2gb ddr2 ram 800mhz

intel core 2 duo e6420 @ 2.2ghz

GeForce 8600gt pcix16

focusrite saffire pro 40 firewire audio interface

rosewill rnx-g1lx usb wifi adapter (onboard ethernet disabled)

ide combo disk drive TS-H652L

250gb sata hdd (empty, used for test installs of osx)

500gb sata hdd (current osx86 install trying to fix)

1tb sata hdd (windows 7 install)


I installed with nvenabler, 32bit rtc, and the sata/ide drivers from the iatkos customize menu. With this setup everything works fine with 1 core and 2gb of ram.


I have tried installing applenforceata.kext to try and resolve my dual core problem and it gave me an error message while installing it and didn't help.


this is where I got the kext -> http://code.google.c.../downloads/list

this is how I installed it -> http://insanelymac.b...e-on-osx86.html


I have tried booting with -force64 and -force32 with no luck either. I have tried various bios settings recommended by install guides found on the internet.


So this is where I am at right now, I tried looking up log files to trace the cause of the panics/freezes but I couldn't find anything useful. If someone could point me in the right direction or point out an obvious mistake I'm making It would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance

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